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The story of the OriginAlps ski school

OriginAlps ski school counts certified mountain professionals, ski and snowboard instructors, as well as high mountain guides. They are, above all, authentic individuals, passionate about mountains and their fields of expertise, but most of all caring towards their guests.

Luighi Rottier ski Freeride OriginAlpsOn the outset of the adventure in Autumn 2017, Dorian Arpin and Luighi Rottier, friends since childhood, and both native from La Rosière got together. Dorian is a ski instructor, a world traveller devoted to off-piste skiing, while Luighi is a professional free rider recently graduated with a Master’s in International Hospitality Management.  They have been giving ski lessons since the age of 18 and now their desire is to transmit their passion through their own values: passion, care and authenticity. With this in mind, they created the OriginAlps ski school, picturing the most beautiful adventures that ski and snowboard amateurs could experience, in their home valley in Haute Tarentaise. With a strong grasp of the terrain, service quality and safety are at the core of each experience they propose.

Ski and adventure with the OriginAlps ski school

They devise experiences combining the pleasures of skiing, of gastronomy and of the land (including farm visits) on the most alluring paths that La Rosière, Val d’Isère, Tignes and Sainte-Foy have to offer. To pursue the conception of their vision and new projects in La Rosière, Val d’Isère, Tignes and Sainte-Foy, as well as in fascinating sites around the globe, OriginAlps became a travel agency. Henceforth, ski enthusiasts may now enjoy travels organised from beginning to end by discovering the Kamchatka in Russia on a heliskiing journey, or by ski touring in the off-piste valleys of Haute Tarentaise, devoid of any presence of ski lifts.

The OriginAlps ski school service


Each ski instructor adapts to skiers/snowboarders to offer a unique experience at each outing depending on the participants’ level. Our instructors each have their own specialities, be it snowboard, ski touring or slope technique enhancement, and each request is redirected towards a corresponding field expert. Our ski instructors all speak English, but also Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese, allowing for ease in communication and better interactions between our mountain professionals and skiers coming from around the globe!

Professional and sophisticated

No concessions are considered when it comes to safety regulations. The choice of locations is always done primarily according to the level of avalanche risk and based on the meteorological conditions. The goal always is to enjoy the moment without putting anyone at risk, be it on or off-piste.


Authentic and exclusive

With a respect for the mountains and safety in mind, our ski instructors will allow you to experience thrilling adventures within safe boundaries. They will create an unforgettable experience in your adventures in paradisiac locations. Thanks to their experience and friendly approach, our ski instructors and local experts will offer valuable advice when choosing a restaurant and for any information on the ski resort.

Private ski lesson with OriginAlps ski school


OriginAlps in the press


Couverture de l'Equipe Magazine Luighi Rottier
Our ski instructor Luighi Rottier on the cover of l’Équipe Magazine !

Our ski instructor Luighi Rottier under the spotlights in Ski Magazine