General terms and conditions of sales

Registration for services delivered by Originalps implies total acceptance of these general terms and conditions.

  1. Services

All Originalps ski instructors are certified with the « Diplôme d’Etat de Ski-Moniteur de Ski Alpin » Services proposed occur in an uncertain mountaineer environment, participant must respect the instructor’s instructions for safety reasons. The responsibility of the instructor is limited to an obligation of means. Participants are the only ones responsible for the material choice and for theft breakage or abnormal deterioration. Originalps instructors can’t be responsible for any damage to participant ‘s material.

  1. Insurance

Originalps instructors subscribe to a professional indemnity policy which covers them in the course of their work. This insurance does not cover the following costs that may be implied by ORIGINALPS customers for themselves in the event of an accident: emergency expenses, medical expenses, breakage or theft of skis, unconsumed lift costs, etc. Therefore, ORIGINALPS advises its customers to check that they are well covered and if this is not the case to take out insurance (like the “Carré Neige” insurance available at the lifts ticket offices) covering these risks to benefit of their skiing holidays in peace.

  1. Prices, reservation and payment.

Prices : Originalps service prices are based on those shown on the website They can change according to the services asked by the client (helicopter transfer, lift ticket, etc.) and according to the ski resort and the period selected. The final price of the services will be the one proposed on the quote after an exchange between Originalps and the client.

Reservation :

Reservations are considered firm when accompanied by a deposit of 100% of the quote. To confirm the reservation, the client must pay it within 5 days of the reception of the quote. After these 5 days, Originalps can’t assure the availability of the requested services. In case of modification of the type and/or the number of service, an invoice will be made and given directly to the client or sent by email. In this case, the client must pay in the 5 days following the end of the service. Only Originalps can propose the availability of the services when the contract is conclude.

Payment :

The payment is done online and by credit card on the secured platform payment (https) PayPlug.

Originalps will send you a confirmation payment email. The payment will conclude the contract.

  1. Booking cancelation by the client

If you have subscribed to a personal cancelation insurance, please refer yourself to it.

If you do not have subscribe to a personal cancelation insurance, Originalps will refund you as following:

  • If the cancellation occurs at least 6 weeks before the beginning of the service, 90% of the paid amount will be refund.
  • If the cancellation occurs between 6 weeks and 14 days before the beginning service, 50% of the amount pay will be refund.
  • If the cancellation occurs within the 14 days before the beginning of the service, Originalps won’t refund any amount.

In case of interruption during the service: if the client is absent at the appointed place and time, or leaves during the service, for any reason, the service can’t be refunded or postponed.

Warning, there is no cancellation possible in case of bad weather except if the lifts are all closed. In this last case, or in case of injury (with presentation of medical certification) the cancelled services will be refunded if the payment is already done, with a deduction of eventual bank charges and commissions.

  1. Modification or cancellation by Originalps.

The feasibility and the modification of the service are subject to the appreciation of the professionals according to the weather conditions, snow and level of participants. In this case the price of the service can be adjusted according to terms and conditions of article 3 “reservation”. If for reasons independent from our commitment, Originalps can’t deliver on the service, we are committed to do all we can to find another instructors to replace us as quick as possible. If we fail, the amount already paid will be totally refunded without any additional cost.

  1. Resolution of disputes.

In case of dispute, Originalps and the client will try to find a way to resolve the issue which occurred during the execution of the contract. French Law exclusively governs general terms and conditions detailed here. In case of dispute, only Albertville courts will have the competences to judge it.

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